Environmental Policy and Philosophy

Alpha Metallurgical Resources Environmental Policy Statement

Alpha and its affiliates, including our officers, directors, managers and employees, will conduct our mining business with a focus on environmental awareness and a commitment to the protection of the environment.

We believe:

  • Environmental awareness and a commitment to constant improvement are essential components of business excellence.
  • Environmental stewardship is integral to safe, productive and cost-effective mining operations.
  • Each employee of Alpha’s affiliates must be an environmental steward, committed to helping protect the environment.
  • Throughout the mining and reclamation process, all levels of our organization must be proactive in implementing practices that promote environmental excellence and stewardship.
  • Positive environmental results can be achieved through the use of proper mining techniques and by a commitment to excellence in reclamation and restoration.
  • We will be committed to measure, maintain and improve our level of compliance with environmental and reclamation rules and regulations.


Environmental Compliance

Alpha’s affiliates strive to achieve full compliance with all environmental laws, rules and regulations that govern coal mining. We continually track our compliance using a very detailed environmental database, and we set compliance goals that reflect our commitment to continual improvement.

All coal mining and reclamation activities are regulated by The Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act (SMCRA). SMCRA requires that all land disturbances be minimized during the mining process and encourages maximum coal recovery. The Federal Office of Surface Mining (OSM) has a regulatory oversight role in all the states where we operate.  Each of these states also has its own regulatory program for coal mining and reclamation activities, which is referred to as state primacy. The regulatory agencies for the states in which we operate are listed below:


For more information, please see the ESG page.


Awards and Achievements

We take pride in the work we do to reclaim and restore mined lands. We strive to minimize our environmental impacts and leave the mined land in a condition that is as good as, or better than, we found it.  Operations acquired by Alpha affiliates have been recognized on numerous occasions for exemplary performance in reclamation and have received a number of awards for this important work.

For a list of awards won by Alpha affiliates or their operations, click here.


Alpha Metallurgical Resources affiliates operate both underground and surface mining complexes across Central Appalachia.