Albert E. Ferrara, Jr.

Albert E. Ferrara is one of the company’s initial directors, having served since July 2016, and is chair of the Board’s Audit Committee. Mr. Ferrara has spent over forty years in the metals and related resource industry. Mr. Ferrara served in senior executive positions with AK Steel, including senior vice president finance and chief financial officer, from 2003 until his retirement in 2013. Before joining AK Steel Mr. Ferrara spent thirty years with United States Steel Corporation/USX Corporation in a variety of roles domestically and internationally including senior vice president and treasurer. Mr. Ferrara has served since 2014 as a principal of Amelia Metals LLC, a consulting firm specializing in the metals and mining industries. Mr. Ferrara holds a bachelor of science degree with distinction and a juris doctor degree both from the University of Virginia. He has been licensed to practice law in the State of Pennsylvania.